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Lao Tzu for Everyone

Students, Scholars

& Seekers

Peter Gilboy, Ph.D.

             第 二十

Line 1  吹者不立自者視不章

Line 2  自見者不明 自伐者无功

Line 3  自矜者不長



Line 4  德者同於德

Line 5  失者同於失   



The Self-Important Person







     Self-importance has been around as long as we’ve been around. The confusion begins when we take ourselves to be autonomous and self-governing entities in every instance.


     We might never note that our hearts beat quite well without any effort on our part. That our breathing goes on without a thought. That our cells are ever renewing on their own.

     The sage is awed and humbled by all such marvels simply happening without any exertion on his or her part. And, when the sage looks around at the world, her or she is amazed that it is going on without anyone even lifting a finger. 

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The blowhard

is not believed..

The self-centered person

is not revered.









The show off

does not shine.

 The conceited person

has nothing

to show for it.














The person who admires

himself or herself,

will not long endure.













Those who reside in the Way

call these

"over-stuffing the belly and

pointless parading."










Even some things

despise these.


Therefore, those who

have the Way,

are not like that.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​. . . . . . .




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