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Lao Tzu for Everyone

Students, Scholars

& Seekers

Peter Gilboy, Ph.D.

             第 二十 一

Line 1  孔德之容唯道是從

Line 2  道之物唯朢唯𢗘

Line 3  𢗘呵朢呵中有象呵

​​Line 4  朢呵惚中有物呵


Line 5  幽呵冥呵中亓有精

Line 6  其請甚真其中有信

Line 7  自今及古其名不去

Line 8 以順眾父  

Line 9  吾何以知眾父之然以此


How do I know

that this is so?

      This is a wonderful chapter, in which Lao Tzu marvels at the profound mystery of the Way. This mystery cannot be grasped conceptually, so we are at a disadvantage if we only apply our intellects and our present knowledge to understand it. Book-learning won't help. Self-help seminars will miss the point. Even more lessons from Lao Tzu's won't help us either.

     Our only avenue, according to Lao Tzu, is  discovering that even ourselves, each of us indivicually, is an ongoing expression of the Way. That is Lao Tzu’s point in his final line.

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The vast power

of the Way

appears to us in its

many forms,

and each is in accord

with the Way alone.







But the "thingness"

of the Way itself

cannot be perceived.












is the Way!


is the Way!

Yet within the Way

the things of our world

comes into existence.











No markings!

No outline!

And yet within the Way

each thing

has its own existence.






And yet within it

are the essences

of all life.









These essences are very real,

and within them

is the evidence.





For all of time,

the things of the world

have always been.

It is by this that

we know to heed

the father of all things.









How do I know

that the father of

all things is like this?

By this!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​. . . . . . .



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