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Peter Gilboy, Ph.D.

Line 1  絕聖棄知民利百倍

Line 2  絕仁棄義民復孝慈

Line 3  絕巧棄利盜賊无有  


Line 4  此三言也以為文未足   Line 5   令之有所屬

Line 6   見素抱少私而寡欲   


Finding the 道 Way

      The irony with respect to "Finding the Way"  is that the Way cannot be found. It isn't lost. The Way knows exactly where it is. It is only when we lose sight of the Way that must advance our rules, statutes, ordinances and even condominium bylaws, all to make sure that people keep in line and everything runs smoothly.


​     In this lesson Law Tzu reveals that there is nothing at all that we can do to become a sage, or to bring about harmony and order in our world. But there is much for us to 无wú 為wéi  "not do."

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Do away with sageliness.

Abandon cleverness.

And the people will benefit
a hundredfold.






Do away with kindness.

Abandon uprightness.

And the people will return

to their natural affections.





Do way with cunning.

Abandon favoritism.

And there will be

no more thieves and robbers.




These three are valuable sayings,

 and yet they are

not enough in themselves.




Therefore it is necessary

to add this:



See what is pure.

Embrace what is simple.

Humble yourself.
Have few desires.




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