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Lao Tzu for Everyone

Students, Scholars

& Seekers

Peter Gilboy, Ph.D.

Line 1  故大道廢案有仁義

Line 2  知快出案有大偽



Line 3   六親不和案有孝茲   Line 4   邦家昏亂案有貞臣


When the Way

is Lost





     In the last lesson we saw a ranking of leaders, from the sage-leader to the tyrant, to leader whom the people ridicule.  In this lesson Lao Tzu tells us why such societies deteriorate.

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& commentary


Therefore, when the

great Way is lost,

then there are rules

for kindness and uprightness.









When wit and cleverness,

then many man-made

schemes are hatched.



When the family

is no longer harmonious,

mere formalities

are substituted.


When the country is

in confusion and disorder,

it is then that

'loyal' ministers appear.



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